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Papoose, Piers and parenting

Why it's okay for dads to carry their babies

If you believe holding your baby in a carrier or sling makes you any less of a man, then give Piers Morgan a follow on Twitter - you’ll be in good company.

For the many dads who don’t agree, and don’t particularly care what Piers thinks, then keep on reading...

My wife carried our son for eight months (Enzo was pretty keen to make an early exit.) Eight months of sleepless nights, fatigue, swollen ankles and in the last trimester, a general feeling of being quite uncomfortable. She never complained.

Now our baby is here for us to hold and cherish… there’s no better way for me to feel more connected to Enzo than to hold him close to my chest and carry him around for a long walk. Look at his face, he loves it! Does that emasculate me? I don't think so.

Why Piers feels the need to belittle other men is quite clear - column inches.


"There’s no better way for me to feel more connected to Enzo than holding him close to my chest."

- Ricky

It is the 21st century. In the UK, men can now share parental leave with their partners. More dads are choosing to stay at home and look after their kids, and why not? We don't live in the dark ages any more when I suppose our sole purpose was to hunt for food, make fire and grunt loudly.

It might shock some people but we can feed our babies, nurture them, and yep - hold them in baby carriers while keeping them alive.

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